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  • With our system, you can create IDs with scannable bar codes, start and track campaigns, and have a powerful motivational and discipline tool at your (and your counselors’!) disposal.
    Instantly award or deduct points, based on behaviour and completion of tasks. Now you have an easy, pain-free way to reward good behavior, and stop bad behavior in its tracks.
    Points lead to prizes - either cool toys that you can order from us, or just about anything you want. Like: a soda, a special toy, or a privilege that you designate (front seat on, anybody?)
    Our low fee ensures that this option is economical for any system, big or small.
    With our 1,2,3 setup and simple interface, take control of your institution like you never have. You’ll empower everybody; yourself, your staff, and your students. The possibilities are endless.
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